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Founded on February 16, 1911, ACIJ is the entity with the greatest representation and strength in the city of Joinville and one of the most important in the State of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.

The Association’s greatest purpose is to strengthen the companies in the region, through work that aims to develop the economy in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of the community where it operates.

In 1991, it brought to Brazil the group advisory project, with the Sector Nuclei, uniting companies looking for joint solutions to common problems. The partnership, which opened the doors for the participation of micro and small-sized companies, was signed with the Chamber of Arts and Trades of Munich and Upper Bavaria (Germany).

The entity’s structure includes Councils (Higher, Deliberative and Fiscal) and a volunteer Board, as well as an executive director with a group of 25 professionals, all college-educated, and most, with post graduation or specializations.

ACIJ’s slogan is "Your Business Stronger," and it works for this, through actions and programs aimed to simplify the tax system, reduce the tax burden, constantly improve infrastructure, efficiency in public administration, decrease bureaucracy and increase development and assimilation of knowledge and new technologies.

To speak with our team, write to comunicacao@acij.com.br or phone 55 47 3461 3333.


The largest city in the state of Santa Catarina and third largest economy in Southern Brazil, Joinville has among its main characteristics entrepreneurship and diversity. There are 515,000 inhabitants, united among settlers including Germans, Italians, and the "Joinvilenses" that come from all parts of the country, looking for employment, looking for opportunities, looking for a better quality of life.

Besides the mix of people, “Manchester Catarinense” has an extremely diverse industry, which helps maintain the economy balanced and in constant development. Featured industries are: metalworking (Tupy, Embraco, Schulz, Athletic, Wetzel), Plastic (Tigre, Amanco, Termotécnica), textiles (Döhler, Lepper) and technology (Totvs and Neogrid), in addition to Perini Business Park, industrial condominium with more than 90 companies.

Over the past 15 years, the city has transformed its business profile, with the arrival of the shopping centers: Mueller, Cidade das Flores, Garten and Americanas bringing together close to 600 stores.

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